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PKT-2006 - Troya Oil Colour Box ed Set 8 colors of 37ml, Painting Oil, Odourless Turpentine, 3 x 258 brushes

oil colors offer an alternative for begginers and those who use a lot of paint. On oil painting techniques, without giving up on quality, this set offers 8 colors in 37ml Tubes (Titan-Zinc White, Lemon Yellow, Orange Yellow, Scarlett Red, Phthalo Blue, Viridian, Raw Umbra and Ivory Black) turpentine, painting oil and an oil brush ( 258) in its wooden Box .

PonART Starter Series Oil Paint Prices and quality based on suitability for students.

Colours that do not fade and mixflawlessly together.

No additional wrinkles or fissure upon drying.