PonART Paints and Painting Essentials

PonART has been producing stretched canvas, easels, palettes since 2000. PonART is the brand that sees its share of recognition throughout Europe for its quality with increasing exports and a lot of noname and foreign brand production.

The 100% cotton canvas and the fir professional chassis has a high quality standard through mass production.

The PonART brushes are made in Germany. We include brushes made especially for; Anatolian arts such as illumination, manuscripts and miniature ornamenting, brush series that are unique to the famous artists’ works, specialized brushes for unique branches such as plant draftsmanship, and quality synthetic brushes that offer technological solutions for acrylic and oil painting.

PonART paints offer an alternative for those who use a lot of paint and for students and beginners.

PonART varnishes, effect agents and mediums are produced by Lukas and bottled and made ready to use by us in Turkey, Istanbul. So that it reaches the local market with the best possible prices.

In PonART painting essentials, we aim to preserve the balance between prices and quality but seek to improve longevity and endurability of essential artist tools like palettes, spatulas and so on.

PonART painting pads and blocks are made of imported acid-free paper for longevity and the highest quality.